Mac is retiring from teaching workshops. His last one
will be a stone workshop, held June 6-10, 2022.
We'll leave the workshop information up for the time being.

     Charles McRaven teaches workshop all over the country. The Ravenoak Workshops annual series is conducted on his property. Workshops focus on pioneering homesteading skills: hewn log construction, stonework, post&beam, and blacksmithing. His workshops have included skills such
as split-rail fencing, shake splitting, basic carpentry, pole barn construction, standing-seam metal roofing, writing and photography.
     Workshops focus on both time-honored practices and use of tools, such as the adze and broadaxe, and of new technology such as motorized hoists and chainsaws. All instruction is geared to the experience level of each group, so that novices need not feel out of their depth. Each class affords enough challenges for the more advanced students or professionals seeking to hone their skills. National Park Service restoration crews use these classes as training courses.
     Workshops are held on McRaven's property in Free Union, Virginia (near Charlottesville). The cost of all 5-day workshops is $750. This includes hands-on instruction, review of resources, lunches, morning coffee and snacks, water and sports drinks, Thursday night dinner and individual discussions about the students plans for applying his experience in the workshop. Breakfast and evening meals (aside from Thursday) are not included in this cost. Accomodations are the responsibility of the participants (see below).
A $300 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your place. The deposit will only be refunded if McRaven cancels the class. If you change plans, your deposit can be applied to a future workshop. Discounts may be given for returning students or for referals so bring a friend!
     Workshops run 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday (unless otherwise noted), departing Friday evening. Guests should arrive 6pm the Sunday preceding the workshop, prepared to enjoy the challenge.

2022 Dates
All Workshops have a base price of $750, $300 of which is a non-refundable deposit.
Log Workshop: None

Stone Workshop: June 6-10, 2022

Post-and-Beam Workshop: None

Blacksmithing Workshop: None

     Contact Charles McRaven (mcraven2@mindspring.com, 434-973-4859) for more information or to register.

     Contact McRaven for other dates that you would want for a workshop or a group would want to stage one. If you want to tailor one to your interests or needs such as split-rail fencing or advanced stonework, please contact McRaven to discuss your ideas.

     Accommodations: Motel accomodations are available in Charlottesville, Virginia area. Any trip advisor can direct you to local accommodations.

     McRaven teaches workshops on behalf of other organizations on their premises. These workshops work best with 6 to 20 participants and can be tailored for either the amateur (as an event for the public) or brush-up workshops for the professional (such as for National Park Service craftsmen who maintain the Parks). If your organization is interested in having McRaven conduct any workshops teaching pioneer skills, please contact him with your proposal.

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