NEW LOG CABIN -- $22,500
New log cabin for sale, of center-cut yellow pine, wide log faces, 18’x24’ story and a half. Fireplace cutout, back doorway for any type of addition. Mixed pine and poplar ceiling joists, rafters, collar ties. Traditional oak sills, poplar top plates. To be set on subfloor or directly on foundation. Coded for dismantling and reconstruction. Loaded on buyer’s truck or trailer. This is McRaven’s last log cabin: he’s retiring at 84. Call (434) 973-4859.
(Payment must come from local bank with a cashier’s check or cash. No Paypal or credit cards. Payment will be split with a down payment upon commitment and the final payment upon pick up.)

Please contact McRaven for further details via e-mail, telephone or snail mail.

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